About Redwood Green

Redwood Green seeks to become the leading cannabinoid CPG company with national scale.

Our mission is to provide consumers with high-quality, safe and effective cannabinoid products that are initially focused on consumer needs in athletic recovery, women’s wellness and personal care.

Our Values

At Redwood Green Corp., we will:

• Always operate at the highest level of transparency and integrity.

• Be accessible to our investors and the brands for which we are responsible.

• Be guided by disciplined processes that allow us to be nimble and opportunistic.

• Strive to run profitable business while making strategic investments that deliver the highest return possible.

These values will guide every decision we make.

Review our Code of Ethics here.

Redwood Green maintains the highest of governance standards and is listed on OTCQB® Venture Market under the trading symbol RDGC.

The Redwood Green family of companies started with the Good Meds acquisition in 2019.

Our Brands

Good Meds logo

Colorado-based Good Meds medical marijuana dispensaries offer affordable access to high-quality cannabis. The carefully curated genetics are grown using the highest quality ingredients, to address a full spectrum of medical ailments.

BOSM Labs logo

Dedicated to cutting-edge innovation using the latest technology, highly trained chemists, and the strictest of safety standards, our mission is to create the healthiest cannabis-based products on the market—in a wide variety of formats.

General Extract logo

General Extract works with international partners to source low-cost, high-quality, responsibly and sustainably grown and produced extracts from the cannabis plant for the US market. We only source highest-quality products that are responsibly and sustainably grown and produced.


BF Borgers CPA PCAt BF Borgers CPA, PC we have built our practice by providing exceptional service to our clients through our commitment to our firm culture and values based on the three underlying principals: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Quality. We understand that trust is the most important factor required by those we serve. Trust in the advice and service is the foundation necessary to help you achieve your goals and protect your vital interest. We believe that our success has come from the leadership of our professionals that is rooted in unquestionable integrity. Quality service is the foundation of any successful accounting and tax firm. Our Firm’s reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our professionals have extensive experience and expertise in a wide variety of industries and with individuals, businesses and organizations of all types.


Centri Business Consulting LLCCentri Business Consulting LLC provides the highest quality finance and accounting consulting services to its clients by being reliable and responsive to their needs, providing companies with the expertise needed to meet reporting demands. Centri specializes in financial reporting, internal controls, valuation services, technical accounting research and CFO advisory services for companies of various sizes and industries. From complex technical accounting transactions to periodic financial reporting, Centri professionals can offer any organization the specialized expertise and multilayered skill sets to ensure the project is completed timely and accurately.


EdgarAgents® is a top-rated, full-service financial filing and printing firm that converts financial documents into EDGAR and XBRL formatted files and files them directly with the SEC. We also offer newswire, financial typesetting and printing services, among many other value-added services. Since 1997, EdgarAgents has been transmitting documents with the SEC and is one of the fastest growing EDGAR/XBRL filing businesses in the market. With clients all over the world, our staff consists of highly trained individuals with degrees in various industries such as accounting, business and technology.


Newport LLC logoNewport, LLC is a national strategic advisory firm that helps owners and CEOs of midsize companies grow and improve the performance of their businesses. To do that, we utilize the extensive business strategy and operations knowledge of our partners. Serving as CEO advisors, board members and interim or fractional executives, Newport partners with clients over the long term to help the company reach its goals, as an integral part of the team. Newport has hands-on “in the trenches” experience founding, growing, operating and selling businesses, and brings real insights and proven solutions, and Newport advisors are available on a regular basis to help CEOs think strategically, focus on the longer-range vision and make the right decisions to achieve it.


PharmaCieloPharmaCielo Ltd. is a global, publicly traded company headquartered in Canada. PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., its wholly owned operating subsidiary, is headquartered in Rionegro, Colombia. The company chose Colombia as its operational base for the nation’s outstanding climatic and economic conditions, including its renowned prowess in the cut-flower industry, as well as its clear legal framework for cannabis licensing, making Colombia the most cost-competitive and environmentally friendly nation for producing all-natural cannabis products of the highest quality.