Stephen Schroeder, Consultant

Stephen Schroeder


Stephen Schroeder has been active in the Cannabis sector for over three decades. Starting his career with a goal of perfecting the complex matrix for environmental controls necessary to eliminate the need for pesticides and fungicides during the production of cannabis products, the control of these conditions enables him to produce highest-quality whole plant medicines and extractions.

Over the last decade, Stephen has been fully immersed in the seed to sale of the cannabis plant as an industry consultant. He has worked with cannabis plant genetics and is able to select the best cannabis strains to help companies develop unique strains capable of producing the active ingredients needed to build a highly effective medicinal product line to address human and animal health and wellness, drawing from full spectrum of therapeutic benefits cannabis has to offer.

Stephen has overseen millions of square feet of cannabis cultivation worldwide and has consulted on cannabis operations throughout the United States, in South America and in several European Union countries, thus helping thousands of patients. Stephen’s approach to cannabis horticulture emphasizes purity and precise control of all parameters of the growth cycle, designing and utilizing techniques to preserve the whole plant medicine.

The knowledge and contacts Stephen has developed allow him to help companies navigate through the developing industry, enabling them to avoid industry pitfalls and steer toward their goals.

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